Basement Update

We did a pretty lousy job of taking photos of our basement when we moved in–mostly because of how horrific it was. It was in general, pretty scary.  We definitely needed to make it a more hospitable space.

Although we did want to make it usable, we didn’t have interest in a conventional (expensive) finished basement. Also, basements in our neighborhood can be wet, so we didn’t want to have to rip out carpet and drywall in the case of future issues.


The yellow boards are what remain of the original walls and cabinets. Behind the blue and white door is the original “cold room” used for canned goods and growing mold.

And after…..

The ceiling was sprayed a matte black, can lights were run throughout, walls painted and trimmed, floor was epoxy coated and exposed conduit was used for the electrical. The hanging panels are now finished and the furniture and rug have been brought down.

The beige and rust colored panels are made from curtains stretched across pine frames

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One Response to Basement Update

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for all of the great home ideas. My husband and I are buying our first home in Royal Oak and this website has given me some great inspirations! Thank you!!

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