Exterior Makeover. The Finalé.

After six long twelve hour work days and six gallons of Sherwin Williams Duration paint Beechwood is finished. She needed more than a paint job, she needed a full restoration. And the amount of paint she needed was more than we anticipated for a mostly brick house, but with 21 windows and plenty of timbers and some stucco she needed it all.

The front all gussied up. We painted the door Japanese Maple instead of the old Forest Green.

Side view.

The front at dusk.

West side view.

The back porch looking so much better!

Back side view.

There are eleven windows in our office. They take crazy long to paint, but they look good. The dark stained cedar shake is such a great change too.

Love the brick detailing and the milled timbers on the office.

It almost looks like the garage is brand new with the door painted.

Looking up at the east side of the house.

East side view. Someday, we hope to get central air…

Old and new.

The end result was was worth all the time, energy, and sweat. And it couldn’t have been completed with out these two painting rockstars… my Dad and his buddy Larry. They are wearing head bands that Christian brought them back from his business trip to Japan. Pretty hilarious.

Thanks so much to my Dad and Larry! They did a great job!

And now we move on the improving some landscaping and eventually back to working on finishing the basement…

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