Exterior Makeover. Part II.

After the front of the house was finished we moved around to the sides and eventually to the back. We still have things that need to be done in each of those three areas, but slowly, slowly, slowly the ugly reddish-brown is going away. And that makes me very happy!

Dad and Larry painting the high eave on the west side of the house in preparation for the gutter install.

The first floor window is painted the dark bronze. The upstairs window and timbers still need to be painted that color and the stucco needs to be painted light grey. Most of the windows have black metal storm frames that have to be pried off and painted in addition to the window itself.

Three of the eleven windows in the office are done! The timbers and the stucco above are too. The difference between the finished and unfinished is definitely noticeable.

Slowly starting to work on the back part of the office.

Dad and Larry working on the back porch. The ladder on the roof is still there awaiting all the work that needs to be done on the second floor next weekend.

Amazingly, the horrifying black tar roof over the back porch blends in so much better now that the porch is painted.

More to come later this week…

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