Exterior Makeover. Part I.

Beechwood is getting all fancy on the outside these days.

She looked pretty from afar, but Beechwood was all reddish-brown on the trim and yellowish on the stucco… Peeling and rotting and all sorts of no good.

We hired my Dad and his buddy Larry to do the job, knowing that we would be helping out. They often do paint jobs on the weekends… It was unfortunate that Christian had to fly to Japan for work on Saturday and not be around for the bulk of the weekend. But, we got quite a bit done nonetheless.

We choose a dark bronze for the trim and a neutral light grey for the stucco, which are much more traditional colors, and the work began.

The tallest peak of the house required a 40 foot ladder. My Dad is up there in the trees…

A majority of the work proved to be restoration oriented. Lots of scraping, patching, and caulking. When you’re 84 years old, you need all the help you can get.

All of the front lower windows had wood storms attached that needed painstakingly painted as well.

The front of the house is almost finished at this point and looks amazing. We just need to paint the front door a bright, fun color and it will be all good.

All fresh…

and pretty.


It seems so much lovlier now that the cedar shake is stained and the bathroom windows are painted.

Part II tomorrow…

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