The Rest of the Upstairs

We’ve named our two guest rooms in terms of their genetic appeal: the “girl’s room” and the “boy’s room.” The boys room has a sort of 1970’s masculine style and the girls room is decidedly more beachy-floral.

Girl’s Room

Girl's Room Before - More Yellow.

Girl's Room After.

The vintage black chair was left behind, some estate sale artwork, and some of Nicole's photography. And Mr. Fat.

Boy’s Room

Boy's room before with ugly wallpaper and random shelves.

Boy's room after. The striped duvet is from Crate & Barrel.

We needed a dresser for the boy’s room and he best places to pick up real mid-century furniture are craigslist, estate sales and thrift stores. This Kroehler low-bay came from the salvation army with matching mirror for about $25.

The dresser before.

The dresser after Christian did an amazing job refinishing it. The crazy cool black puma is from an estate sale, the lamp on the dresser is vintage from Craisglist, and framed artwork was drawn by the previous owner and left behind.

Just some fun garage sale items to make it look super "Mad Men." The magazine "Motor Boating" is from 1945 and super cool inside.

The rhino head is from Anthropologie via Craislist.

The orange chair was Christian's Great-Grandfather's.

The Bathroom.

Peach tile, wallpaper, and lots of yellow in the hallway.

The peach tile is still there, but the wallpaper and the yellow are gone. And Mr. Fat. Again.

Striped curtains from Crate & Barrel on the windows on the landing.

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One Response to The Rest of the Upstairs

  1. Katherine says:

    Really should be in a Better Homes and Gardens’ magazine. Really awesome before and afters! I sure could use some help here in Taos, NM. I am living in the 1930s here. lol.

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