Brown and Gray

Ceiling fans are not our favorite things, but since Beechwood doesn’t have central air, they are absolutely necessary.  What isn’t necessary is keeping the old, faux oak ones that were hanging in every bedroom. Garbage pickers love them though and they were gone within minutes of the trash being put out.

Master Bedroom Before

Anyway, when decorating our house we’re usually pretty strategic– we tend to start with some sort of building block like a paint color or piece of furniture and branch out from there. We work off that idea when adding things to a room so that what we pick up has some sort of reason for being.

In the case of our bedroom though, we just sort of rushed to finish it without much thought. What we ended up with was a Big Beige Bedroom. Walls: builder beige, Pillows: brown, Rug: brown, Duvet: 2 colors of brown. Now, although we’ve got a lot of neutrals in the house,  we’ve tried to temper them with color. Not so in the bedroom, we picked our color off the Behr tri-fold neutral palate idiot guide.  At least the cats found it soothing.

Master Bedroom After (Round One)

All sorts of browns...

After 3 months of builder beige Christian had a sort of mini-tantrum and decided to paint the entire room a quite controversial “blah” gray. At least we added the much needed pops of color now though.

Master Bedroom After (Round Two)

Gray with pops of color! The peacock duvet is a splurge from Dwell Studio, vintage lamp is from Etsy, and the big canvas was painted by Christian.

Another vintage clock. This one works, but is so loud Nicole can't sleep, so it is not wound. The bust is from Fred's Unique Furniture.

Small glass vintage table is from a garage sale and the water buffalo and bottom book are from an antique store up north. The top one is an old French Bernard Moitessier book about sailing around Cape Horn purchased off the street in Paris.

Master Bedroom Details: Mr. Dandy, the monocle wearing cat is from Etsy, Eamesesque chair via Craiglist and Mr. Gibbs (as we like to call him) from the Salvation Army, and some random artwork with a retro swag lamp and giant vintage globe.

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