Wallpaper on the door.

Unfortunately, we had wallpaper in both bathrooms, one bedroom, the office, and in our entryway. The worst part though, was that we had it on a few doors too. Not sure it was ever cool to wallpaper a door…

Anyway, here’s our office. It’s a tiny room off the back of the living room and one of the wallpapered rooms.

The office before... With yellow / green textured wallpaper & carpet and yellow curtains

The wall paper did not want to come off the walls without taking chunks of the wall with it. Christian spent hours skim coating and sanding the walls to get them back into reasonable shape.

All the wallpaper is gone and the carpet has been removed. Painting starts and boy was that crazy with eleven windows and two french doors.

All gussied up withe asparagus colored paint and white trim. The two black and white stand-outs on the right are photographs of Detroit. The top one is by Nicole and the bottom by Christian. On the left, the numbers piece and the ink drawing of the Book Tower are from the Ferndale DIY Fair. The Dia Day Los Muertos art is by our photographer friend.

The ceiling was painted a metallic copper to make the not so hot ceiling tiles look better. The light fixture is custom made from birch. And we are Mac vs. PC... sort of funny!

And now, onto the downstairs bathroom. One of the rooms with a wallpapered door… Our “airplane bathroom” is the size of a 737 lavatory, it’s baby tiny. We actually used it as-is for a while, flushing 8 gallons down the drain with every toilet usage and splashing warm and cold water from hand to hand in the dual faucet sink. Our contractor thought the toilet was “beautiful” and told us he knew a guy that could refinish the sink.

We gave him the toilet. We tossed the sink. And then painted the walls jet black.

Yuck. Everything is soooo dirty and floor is rotten.

The wallpaper has been steamed off and luckily didn't take too much of the walls.

A new corner sink and toilet were installed, black and white retro tiles put down on the walls and floor, and the walls painted black.

We found two long mirrors for the wall above the sink, put up Christian's photo of the "Enjoy Detroit" sign in a vintage frame and repurposed the back hall light fixture with an Edison style bulb. A funny little arrow pointing down at the toilet completed the look. Love.

We were lucky enough to have our bathroom make-over featured on Apartment Therapy.

And finally, the dining room. For whatever reason, we never took any before photos of it. It’s very purple now though.

The wall color is Plum Shade by Behr. We found the crystal chandelier in a little resale shop in Royal Oak for a steal. The table is West Elm via Craigslist and the small table in the background was Nicole's grandparents.

17325 is our house number on display using our wedding table numbers. The antique heart chair belong to Christian's grandmother.

Stained glass ship detail.

Tray on display is a DIY project made from circles cut from all our wedding cards and paper items.

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