Our kitchen was totally gross. Really.

Our kitchen was gross. It really wasn’t usable. We knew it was a big project, so we got started the day we closed.

While we were ripping it apart we found old newspapers in the walls documenting the previous remodels in 1955 and 1973. Our assumption is that the white upper cabinets, the built-ins and the totally cool but impractical Thermador oven and warming tray were installed in the 50’s and the awful blue cabinets, Formica counters and linoleum floor (installed over original hardwood) and crazy vinyl wallpaper were done in the 70’s.

Christian and his friend Roy, who is quite adept a breaking things, demo’d most of the room in half a Saturday. Nothing was kept except the windows. The original hardwood floors were in such bad shape we had to rip them out and replace them.  Our floor guy Jesse was enlisted to install new oak and matched it to the rest of the house just perfectly.

Our contractor Fred did the rest of the work and the end result made cooking in the basement for 2.5 months with a microwave worth it.

Kitchen before

Kitchen before, with a crazy small vintage oven

Demo begins

Demo begins

Everything goes

We discovered that the kitchen may have been two tiny rooms at one time. Notice all the stuff piled in the dining room.

Everything is out. The original hardwood floor had so many nails in it, we had to replace it.

Walls, floor and ceiling are finished. The maple shaker style cabinets we chose start to be installed.

It's finally finished... Stainless appliances and range hood along with black granite and a neutral colored backsplash complete it.

Kitchen after

We framed an old piece of the wallpaper and have it on the counter in homage to the old kitchen.

We wanted to have a range hood and we did not want to have a bulky microwave on the counter, so our contractor installed an outlet in our pantry cabinet and we tucked a little microwave in there.

Kitchen after

Cookbooks on the counter and our recipe box from one of our wedding showers.

Pascal Normand's retro artwork.

Porcelain pig sponge holder... A gift from Christian to Nicole.

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2 Responses to Our kitchen was totally gross. Really.

  1. Jenn Goodin says:

    Gorgeous!! You did such a great job! I love all the little touches liked the framed wallpaper. 🙂

  2. Ann Gordon says:

    OMG! Fantastic!! Love the start to finish photos!

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