Bachelor Pad

As the realtors say “its got such good bones” which is salesperson euphemism for “ugly.” That’s Beechwood, nice design, good construction, lots of character but totally dumpy and out of date. But in really great shape considering it was built almost 85 years ago. After talking with the neighbors and a little snooping around in public records we found out why: no children have ever lived in this house.

In 1928 William R. Gibbs purchased a little over half an acre of what was previously Birmingham apple orchard and custom built the home. Mr Gibbs,  “an unmarried man” lived here for 45 years, alone. In 1968 he sold off half the land for $8,400 to Robert Frye and his lady friend Ruth Shultz so that they could build a house next door. Five years later William went into a retirement home and sold Beechwood to Al and Doris Beauvais from Grosse Pointe for $36,500. They too never had children.  They lived here together for about 20 years until the early ninety’s at which point Al had a heart attack on the front lawn while taking out the garbage.  Mean old Dorris remained in the house. In the late ninety’s Christian was the high school kid that cut her lawn. 15 or so years later, after Dorris herself was moved to a retirement home, Christian and Nicole bought the house from her estate. In spite of the dated appearance of the home, Christian knew the lawn was well kept.

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