The Boys Room

We’ve decided on a 1950’s, mid-century sort of theme for the 3rd bedroom. The majority of the pieces we’ve populated it with are some sort of vintage– at least smell the part.The totally cool cone lamp was found on craigslist, the orange chair was my great grandfather’s, the clock was relocated from our original kitchen, and the dresser, small vase, and oil painting are all from the salvation army. Only the blinds (ikea) and bronze fan are new.

We have no idea who that dude in the painting is;  just a complete stranger.

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2 Responses to The Boys Room

  1. Barbara Jarvik says:

    Dude in the picture might be FDR. Google for portaits of him and see what you think.

    • Nicole says:

      funny! we thought that was a possibility too, but after peeking around at some fdr images, decided we didn’t think it was. who knows though… it could be!

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