The Girl’s Room Becomes the Nursery

For the first time since 1928 Beechwood will be home to a baby. So, as my due date nears (just a little over a month at this point!) all the pieces have come together to turn the old “girl’s” guest room into a nursery for our sweet boy.

We started with an orange, grey and white color palette and everything else evolved from there.


An Ikea storage unit fills one wall and is full of all sorts of goodies. Some vintage globes and a sailboat sit atop and the shelves are filled with books, stuffed animals, and some airplane models.


The baby & gender announcement card made on one of the library cards from our wedding sits on a shelf. The bear that Christian’s Mom hand knit sits behind it.


The wall along the closet has a vintage dresser refinished by Christian, our changing pad with a Land of Nod polka dot cover, and some awesome baby animal photos from The Animal Print Shop.


A baby zebra, lamb, monkey, and lion hang above the dresser.


Crib view! The Olivia Mod crib was a gift from Nicole’s parents and the herringbone rug is from Urban Outfitters. The artwork is from Etsy and the Ferndale DIY fair.


The rocker is a vintage reproduction, the heart pillow is from Etsy, the knit pouf from CB2, the cloud lamp from Land of Nod, and the side table and curtains from Target.


The wooden Michigan cut out hangs above the crib and is from Etsy.


The globe mobile is one of my favorite pieces in the room!


We’re very happy with the room and can hardly wait for its occupant to arrive!

Many of the items in the nursery were purchased for us at our various baby showers by family and friends and we can’t thank you enough for helping the room come together!

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Basement Update

We did a pretty lousy job of taking photos of our basement when we moved in–mostly because of how horrific it was. It was in general, pretty scary.  We definitely needed to make it a more hospitable space.

Although we did want to make it usable, we didn’t have interest in a conventional (expensive) finished basement. Also, basements in our neighborhood can be wet, so we didn’t want to have to rip out carpet and drywall in the case of future issues.


The yellow boards are what remain of the original walls and cabinets. Behind the blue and white door is the original “cold room” used for canned goods and growing mold.

And after…..

The ceiling was sprayed a matte black, can lights were run throughout, walls painted and trimmed, floor was epoxy coated and exposed conduit was used for the electrical. The hanging panels are now finished and the furniture and rug have been brought down.

The beige and rust colored panels are made from curtains stretched across pine frames

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Refurb–before and after dresser

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Exterior Makeover. The Finalé.

After six long twelve hour work days and six gallons of Sherwin Williams Duration paint Beechwood is finished. She needed more than a paint job, she needed a full restoration. And the amount of paint she needed was more than we anticipated for a mostly brick house, but with 21 windows and plenty of timbers and some stucco she needed it all.

The front all gussied up. We painted the door Japanese Maple instead of the old Forest Green.

Side view.

The front at dusk.

West side view.

The back porch looking so much better!

Back side view.

There are eleven windows in our office. They take crazy long to paint, but they look good. The dark stained cedar shake is such a great change too.

Love the brick detailing and the milled timbers on the office.

It almost looks like the garage is brand new with the door painted.

Looking up at the east side of the house.

East side view. Someday, we hope to get central air…

Old and new.

The end result was was worth all the time, energy, and sweat. And it couldn’t have been completed with out these two painting rockstars… my Dad and his buddy Larry. They are wearing head bands that Christian brought them back from his business trip to Japan. Pretty hilarious.

Thanks so much to my Dad and Larry! They did a great job!

And now we move on the improving some landscaping and eventually back to working on finishing the basement…

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Exterior Makeover. Part IV.

This past weekend turned into another long three days of painting in the hot, hot heat. But, Beechwood is looking ah-mazing!

Friday began with just my Dad and I on working on the back peak above the porch.

Slowly changing the timber color.

The gutters were installed Friday and were a great match with the paint color.

Proof that I did do a lot of painting, not just photographing.  

Christian painting the windows in the kitchen.

Saturday brought us to the east side of the house. I was standing on the 40 foot ladder as my Dad painted the peak way up there.

Dad and Larry working hard on the timbers and the stucco.

East side finished!

Baby cat loves to watch a project.

Christian staining the stucco and the office gets closer to completion.

We were able to finish everything up last night. Wrap-up post and final photos coming soon!

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Exterior Makeover. Part III.

The evolution of the garage:

A fresh coat of paint of the garage door has made such a noticeable difference. I started and my Dad finished the first coat. I put a second coat on in the middle of the week.

The removal of the old TV antenna.

Old school antenna goes boom.

Looks sci-fi.

This was all last weekend. We have done much more this weekend already and I’ll post more updates this week.

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Exterior Makeover. Part II.

After the front of the house was finished we moved around to the sides and eventually to the back. We still have things that need to be done in each of those three areas, but slowly, slowly, slowly the ugly reddish-brown is going away. And that makes me very happy!

Dad and Larry painting the high eave on the west side of the house in preparation for the gutter install.

The first floor window is painted the dark bronze. The upstairs window and timbers still need to be painted that color and the stucco needs to be painted light grey. Most of the windows have black metal storm frames that have to be pried off and painted in addition to the window itself.

Three of the eleven windows in the office are done! The timbers and the stucco above are too. The difference between the finished and unfinished is definitely noticeable.

Slowly starting to work on the back part of the office.

Dad and Larry working on the back porch. The ladder on the roof is still there awaiting all the work that needs to be done on the second floor next weekend.

Amazingly, the horrifying black tar roof over the back porch blends in so much better now that the porch is painted.

More to come later this week…

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